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Things to Bring to College

Here is a packing list split into 2 sections. The first being absolute Necessities to bring to school with you. The second being things that are optional and could help make your day-to-day life easier. I’ve been looking all over Pinterest and other blogs and everything seems to include a bunch of extra stuff that is both expensive and unnecessary. So I tried to bring it down to the Bare Bones for those of us who don’t have an endless bank account. But if you have a little bit extra to spend feel free to look at the could make your day-to-day life a little easier section.

This is for students in a dorm room setting. I will be making another blog post that you should look for to accommodate students living in apartments. A few other back to school stuff will be coming in the future.

This list does not include school supplies, it is only for your physical dorm room. Like this post if you want me to do stationery haul and school supplies post of things that I will be getting for this upcoming school year.

Before you buy anything on this list, go to your colleges website and look at their list of banned items. Don’t buy it if its on their list.

So here it is.

Absolute Essentials.

1. 2x XL sheet set (pillow case, fitted sheet and flat sheet) get two so you have a set on your bed for the rare occasion you actually chamge your sheets.

2. 1-3 Pillows depending on your liking. The beds arent super wide so know there will be some layers if you have more then 1 pillow.

3. A comforter. This will be a big visual part of your room. Make sure it goes with whatever theme you have because you will be looking at it every day and so will anyone who comes into your room.

4. A mattress pad and protector. Pad is a piece of foam that will make your 20+ year old mattress more bearable. The protector is like a plastic fitted sheet that goes right over the mattress to keep vomit, urine or other gross whatever that previous occupants may have left behind.

5. 1 place set. You can bring dinning hall food/leftover pizza from the weekend into your room and its nicer to be eating with a real fork then a disposable one sometimes. And you are gonna want a plate and bowl to eat off of.

6. Hangers. Talk to your rommmate(s) and make sure you all get diffrent colors. In many schools each student will have their own closet space but not always.

7. Towles. Once again make sure you have a color besides white or black. This way you will know what is yours and what is not.

8. A Shower Catty.

9. Hanging Door Mirror.

10. A Laundry Basket and Laundry Soap.

11. A 6 plug extension cord/surge protector.

12. Headphones, your roomates may not like the same music or tv as you. If you wear headphones, they might too.

13. A Water Bottle.

14. A Desk Lamp.

15. Flashlight.

Optional but Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Batteries.

2. An Area Rug.

3. Dest Organizers.

4. A Body Pillow.

5. A Coffee Maker.

6. A White Board.

7. A Cork Board.

8. A First Aid Kit.

9. Playing Cards/Your Favorite Board Game.

10. A Throw Blanket.

11. Bed Riser.

12. Easy to Remove Wall Hooks.

13. Posters or Wall Art.

14. Desk Lamp.

15. Air Freshener. 

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Playing the Tape

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if I have written about it on this blog before but I have clinically diagnosed Anxiety and a part of anxiety is over analyzation. For me, it manifests as thinking of any possible situation that could happen, from the good to the bad, but focusing more on things going wrong.
This could be anything from big presentations, job interviews, internship opportunities, and family get-togethers to things on a much smaller scale like asking my boss for a day off to spend time with family or even sending an email.
My dad calls this process playing the tape. And for me, the best way to combat this symptom of my anxiety is to be kindly reminded when I am doing it. If someone does not tell me. I cannot pick up on it myself.
That is all to have to say tonight.
I know this post was kinda all over the place but it was on my mind and I wanted to get it written out. Have a good day/night


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3 Tips to a Healthy Post Break Up

Hi Yall!

So I was thinking about this last night. A few months ago, I think back in February I wrote about a guy who was at that point in my life. Well for maybe 3 months now he has not been in my life. I ended it and with it all communication between the two of us. We had no friendship before the relationship and for me, it was best to not have one following the end of the relationship.

There is plenty of stuff out there about eating ice cream or binging on TV right after a breakup but after the initial end not much about where to go from there. Here is what I did, and being the one to end it I went into the break up with my own kind of closure. That being said these tips might not be applicable to everyone.

  1. Reclaim your body!

This is so important, after the breakup every time I would brush my shoulder up against a wall or put my hand on my hip I would think of my ex doing the same thing. You should never have to avoid something because it reminds you of a past partner. Go for a massage or pamper yourself as a way to completely reclaim yourself. If you are on a time or price budget this could be as simple as buying a new scent of body wash and a new face cloth and having a long steamy shower.

      2. Listen to Your Favorite Music!

All those songs you compromised on because your partner wasn’t a fan, now is your chance to put them on repeat as loud as your speakers (and possible neighbors) will allow. Make a playlist/new pandora station/Spotify/youtube the shit out of and just remember why you love that music. It will bring you back to you. If you have maybe outgrown some older stuff, find wonderful new stuff to create new memories with, and get a friend or two to jam with you.

        3. Start a New Thing

This could be you start exercising once a week, anything from a walk to a class at the local gyms or yoga in front of your computer with a towel as a yoga mat. It could be going to a craft store and picking up one of those adult coloring books, it could be taking your camera and trying to get into amateur photography. Whatever it may be, go for it. Maybe you only stick with it for two or three days or maybe it sticks as a new hobby. However long it lasts it will help you start to think about things you are accomplishing by yourself and trust me there is no better feeling.

So there you pick a tip or try all 3. if you do I wanna know how it went you can leave a comment or you can tag me on Instagram or twitter @anamavre and with #3stepsforward.




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Change of Blog Title!

Me, Dazed and Confused.. also slightly blurry

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Sprinkles in my Tea! Here is a bit of a “Get to Know Me” Tag while I figure out what exactly I’m gonna do with this little corner of the internet! I did not make this tag but I lost the information on who did… so if this is yours Credit goes to where it is deserved. 

I would love to see what you guys have for answers!!


25 Get to Know Me Q’s

1. What is your middle name?: Marie, just like my Granny and my Late Great Gramma ❤

2. What was favorite subject at school?: SCIENCE! and I also love history.

3. What is your favorite drink?: Arnold Palmer or Cranberry and Sprite

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: Wasted by The Summer Set (Anybody a Halfmoonkid??) (also this is going up on a Monday, how was your weekend??)

5. What is your favorite food?: My favorite is a toss up between Presuto with Star Bread, it’s an Italian meat and the star bread actually looks like an H, and my dad makes the BEST chicken and broccoli alfredo.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: Movie Tickets, Me and my yonger brother went to see Now You See Me 2.

7. Favorite book of all time?: The Help is my absolute favorite book and my favorite YA book is The Naturals Series by Jennifer Lyne Barnes.

8. Favorite Color?: Orange! I love it so much for my High School graduation gift my dad bought me an orange Cross Trek

9. Do you have any pets?: Nope, unless you count all my brothers.

10. Favorite Perfume?: I prefer body sprays, anything with a light floral or vanilla smell. Nothing too strong!

11. Favorite Holiday?: I was never a fan of holidays growing up, lots of family drama. I do like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

12. Are you married?: Nopeee.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I have never left the USA.

14. Do you speak any other language?: Only English Fluently but my father speaks fluent greek. I am trying to learn through Rosetta Stone. I know the basics but I hope to become fluent.

15. How many siblings do you have?: I have 5 siblings. 1 older brother, 3 younger brothers and a younger sister.

16. What is your favorite shop?: My top favorite store is a toss between Barns and Noble and Michaels Craft store.

17. Favorite restaurant?: Umm I’m super spoiled when it comes to cooking, my Dad is a chef and so are my older brother and grandfather. My favorite childhood restaurant was near my late great-grandmother’s house and it has since shut down. I haven’t found a better restaurant yet but I will be moving just over an hour out of Boston in the fall so plenty of new places to try!

18. When was the last time you cried?: I don’t remember…

19. Favorite Blog?: I am just getting into other people’s blogs. For so long I have tried to keep my own but I always get away from it.

20. Favorite Movie?: It’s not really a movie but I love SyFy mini-series, my top favorite is Tin Man. My favorite DCOM is Luck of The Irish, and my favorite Disney/Pixar movie is UP. But my favorite Movie would have to be the fourth Harry Potter Film.

21. Favorite TV shows?: First and foremost Arrow, Stephen Amell is my Celebrity crush. Then Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds, NCIS and Girl Meets world (I watched the entirety of Boy meets world and I’m very invested in Cory Matthew’s story line)

22. PC or Mac?: PC 🙂

23. What phone do you have?: I have a Samsung Galaxy S5

24. How tall are you?: Somewhere between 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 4 (or about 160 cm)

25. Can you cook?: mhmm (:

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Out of control


Its been a while since I did a very sit done and have a chat kind of post.

Alot has been happening latley, I got my first rejection as far as the book is concerned. That was much easier then I thought. It was all over email, I sent my query in along with my first 30 pages and I waited, and waited and waited. When i finally heard back it was a very quick we arent the right fit. I had definitely hoped for a yes but am really okay with the no. This just means that I am one step closer to finding the person who will work with me and my book to make it the best it can be.
Point 2, my dad is in the process of moving. Which means I am in the process of moving. 100% not glamorous I promis you. The days of pintrest boards and fun ideas are long gone and at this point I just want the whole process to be over. I want the few times a week I actually have a chance to speak with him to stop being overshadowed by spreadsheets and which dish set to buy.
The semester is also ending. Finals are coming up, classes are wrapping up and my tolarence for stupid is at an all time short. I cannot wait for the next few weeks to end.
This is why I have have been a bit come and go with posts latley but fingers crossed and knock on wood things will settle down in the next few weeks.

I wish you short study nights, lots of hearty meals and good luck on finals and writting bits.

I will post again soon pinkie swear!!



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The Procedure

Dear Pops,

You came home with a tattoo today, and that only means one thing. You have been hurt so badly you wish to forget.

Tattoos hold much more weight now than when your grandmother filled her body with them as art. They are now a sentiment of the lost.

We have a rule in the shared space, what was once North America. In your youth, a great deal of research was done on mental health. The causes, the treatments, the failures but then came along a revolutionary treatment. It could take away the pain. It wasn’t a daily pill, it was a procedure of some kind.

Few people actually know what happens during the procedure just that it works. It cures all times of mental illness from addiction to schizophrenia to anxiety. All kinds of mental pain can be completely removed from the patient. However the side effect is severe, no two people react to the treatment the same way. One reported claimed a patent left without sight, another without touch, taste, hearing, balance. Notice a theme? The procedure somehow trades one of the human senses for mental illness treatment.

Along with this, the patient must choose a tattoo. A mark to make it clear who couldn’t take the pain and gave into the treatment.

At first, they marketed the tattoos as a sign of strength. They called it the wisdom, as in the wisdom to know you have no chance of fixing this with anything currently out there.

Soon it changed. People’s attitude towards mental illness reverted back to worse than it had ever been. Those who were sick and had the treatment were sent away from their communities.

Many times the citizens tried to make the procedure illegal but it was controlled by big business and they got bug money each time someone had the procedure.

Grampa you have been struggling with depression for years and with grandma’s help you were surviving.

Then just yesterday she passed away and today you came back with the tattoo and you couldn’t hear me tell you I would have been your support system.

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I have an assignment with my criminal procedure class this week, discuss whether or not profiling along with stop and frisk is acceptable according to heritage. The exact question is as follows, “Is it lawful to profile someone, stop and frisk them and perform more invasive actions based on the individual’s heritage?” I feel very strongly about this topic and wanted to publish my response to more than just my classmates.

Stop and frisk is a legal action any officer has the authority to do and in places like New York City is it actually encouraged by officers to engage in this action towards people of color. A series of papers and research was done on the topic of stop and frisk by a table of research professionals around this concept. The results were as follows, stop and frisk polarizes much more towards minority groups than majority groups and people of color have higher negative thoughts towards police than white men and women. Since cooperation with the police is based off a sense of trust and many cities having higher populations of people of color a new program started to minimize stop and frisk and try to maximize trust in police. (Vigne,2014)

Yes, it is lawful to profile someone based off their heritage, this type of profiling is called racial profiling and as much as it is legal it is harmful. This country runs on the principle of innocent until proven guilty and with racial profiling it has become guilty by association of heritage.

As far as going further to be more invasive due to heritage this can cost an officer their badge. Street stops became unconstitutional in the case Terry v. Ohio. This means an officer cannot approach a civilian on the street and confront them just because the officer has suspicion that the civilian will cause a crime. (Stringer, 2012) Though this concept has become unconstitutional it is still used and racial profiling killed too many people last year. This problem is not just a problem it is an epidemic with a simple solution to stop assuming heritage equals guilt.


Vigne, L., G, N., Lachman, P., Rao, S., & Matthews, A. (2014) Stop and Frisk. – Retrieved March 15, 2016, from

Stringer, S. (2012). Beyond Stop-and-Frisk: Toward Policing That Works. Retrieved March 15, 2016, from