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Surviving the Holidays

Hey yall!

The holiday season is in full swing. Chrismas light on houses, menorahs out ready to be lit. If you have anxiety this time of the year can be difficult to navigate through. Here are some of the ways I have tried to keep my anxiety in check around the stressful time while still being able to enjoy the holidays. This took some time, during middle and high school the holidays were never my favorite things to endure. So many places to get to all in one day and lots of relatives touching me who I bearly knew. My freshman year was the last Christmas I spent with my mom since that was the year she moved down south so in high school it was a reminder more of what I didn’t have around than any gift I could possibly receive.

1.Don’t compare what you have to your friends, movies you watch or advertisements you see in the paper!

It wasn’t until I got to college and started to see my parents as flawed humans and stopped putting so much pressure on this family ideal that I thought I was supposed to have. I started to see the holidays as just another step of growing up and another part of the year instead of trying to compare my experiences to others. I took what I had and appreciated it more. I spoke to my mom on the phone or would call her over skype. I hugged my dad tight enough quietly hoping some of it would be felt by my mom. I would see my father’s parents and eat with them and then when they went home I would call my mother’s parents in California to recap the day I’d had.

2. Know your limits and don’t feel pressured to surpass them!

In school you have some days to recover if you overdo it for the holidays but once you grow up your expected to go back to work as soon as the holidays are over. This means if you drain all your energy or get yourself into a panic you still have to face the world the next day. It doesn’t do you/your guests/hosts any good if you end up getting overwhelmed in the middle of the party. If you are hosting understand that you can walk away to your room for a few moments to collect yourself and if you are outside of your home excuse yourself to the bathroom or outside for a moment. If you say you might only be able to stop by to give a gift and say high keep to that. For some just making an appearance at an event if a huge deal.

3. Understand that if you have to cancel its OK

If you are to overwhelmed from your family gatherings that you can’t make it to drinks with your friends that it’s okay to reschedule. Talk to your siblings to exchange gifts the following weekend, especially if you have kids they will get cranky getting carted from one family member to the next. See if you can split your holiday obligations over a few weeks instead of all between 2 days.

 4. Congratulate yourself for surviving and treat yourself

To those who don’t suffer from mental illness, it may seem silly to treat yourself. “Arent the holidays supposed to be a treat?” It does not have to be a costly treat. You could go through your books and pick a few to donate to the local library or if you got new clothes pick a few to drop off at the donation center for someone who may not have gotten new things for the holidays. Run a bath or cook yourself your favorite meal. Give your closest friend a call and catch up when you get a breathe. This one can be done in your coziest sweats on your couch. Brew a tea, coffee or hot cocoa and have a sit-down with a film or your favorite video game.

5. Remember to enjoy yourself and feel the love

Eat your favorite treats and sing your favorite holiday songs. See your cousins you only see a few times a year. Drink that hot chocolate that extra expensive that you only get once a year. Warm up apple cider and drink it with a cinnamon stick.


I love you all and happy holidays!



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3 Tips to a Healthy Post Break Up

Hi Yall!

So I was thinking about this last night. A few months ago, I think back in February I wrote about a guy who was at that point in my life. Well for maybe 3 months now he has not been in my life. I ended it and with it all communication between the two of us. We had no friendship before the relationship and for me, it was best to not have one following the end of the relationship.

There is plenty of stuff out there about eating ice cream or binging on TV right after a breakup but after the initial end not much about where to go from there. Here is what I did, and being the one to end it I went into the break up with my own kind of closure. That being said these tips might not be applicable to everyone.

  1. Reclaim your body!

This is so important, after the breakup every time I would brush my shoulder up against a wall or put my hand on my hip I would think of my ex doing the same thing. You should never have to avoid something because it reminds you of a past partner. Go for a massage or pamper yourself as a way to completely reclaim yourself. If you are on a time or price budget this could be as simple as buying a new scent of body wash and a new face cloth and having a long steamy shower.

      2. Listen to Your Favorite Music!

All those songs you compromised on because your partner wasn’t a fan, now is your chance to put them on repeat as loud as your speakers (and possible neighbors) will allow. Make a playlist/new pandora station/Spotify/youtube the shit out of and just remember why you love that music. It will bring you back to you. If you have maybe outgrown some older stuff, find wonderful new stuff to create new memories with, and get a friend or two to jam with you.

        3. Start a New Thing

This could be you start exercising once a week, anything from a walk to a class at the local gyms or yoga in front of your computer with a towel as a yoga mat. It could be going to a craft store and picking up one of those adult coloring books, it could be taking your camera and trying to get into amateur photography. Whatever it may be, go for it. Maybe you only stick with it for two or three days or maybe it sticks as a new hobby. However long it lasts it will help you start to think about things you are accomplishing by yourself and trust me there is no better feeling.

So there you pick a tip or try all 3. if you do I wanna know how it went you can leave a comment or you can tag me on Instagram or twitter @anamavre and with #3stepsforward.




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Just a Thought

April 9th, 2015

Religious Freedom

Religion and the constant flow of “only ask for god when you need him” to some this is the only religion they need. Some are happy with no religion at all, many have different views then you, let’s stop religion shaming, yeah okay. This is a very touchy subject to a lot of people. When I see posts on Instagram or Facebook, shaming people who only go to a higher power when they need help it makes me kinda angry. You are allowed to be an Easter/Christmas Christian and you’re also allowed to get annoyed at them for taking parking all the parking spots twice a year. What you should not be doing is putting the other side down because of your personal views.

This doesn’t end at Christianity, though this is where my knowledge is. I bet similar situations occur in all religious practices. I am almost positive that God doesn’t love the Easter/Christmas folks anymore or less than the every week folks. Some very spiritual people don’t attend an organized service at all and that’s perfectly acceptable as well.

Just because someone has a different way to show their personal beliefs then you, doesn’t take away from the validity of your own beliefs so please don’t take away from theirs.

Just a bit of a ramble, food for thought my lovelies


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What I Want

February 23rd, 2015

What I Will Get

As a girl, hold on scratch that, as a young adult almost half way done with second-semester freshmen year I want to make a quick mark in what I want. I have heard a lot of what I should need and what I should be doing to set myself up for my best future. As some of you may now from previous posts I’m a community college girl, glamorous I know. I’m also in league with about 40% of America. That was not what I aspired to when I was growing up, to be like a majority of other people, but like many of the decisions I have made in the past 12 months I really believe that was a good one. I’ve already written way too much looking for personal validation this isn’t about what I have this is what I want.

First off, I want to be right but even more than I like to be right I like to be wrong. It might sound weird at first but stay with me. Yes, there is an instant gratification about knowing the answer, especially when you prove someone else wrong but when someone proves me wrong it gets me thinking. That’s another thing on my list I want to think more, lots more. If thinking was a major I would switch to it. I like debating, not arguing, debating. I like when other educated people, and not just academically educated, also worldly people and real life people the ones who have been working for 15+ years and know exactly what they are talking about. Some of the best people to talk to aren’t those who stand center stage because let’s face it the crowd is always in the dark so really they have a career in taking to themselves. Don’t break the fourth wall tends to continue even after curtain.

My next want is for someone to start a real conversation with me right away. We have this society with an honest idealism but when it really comes to talking we cover up the truth with pixie dust and sugar covered white lies. At first, we can even rationalize with, they don’t know me’s and it’s for their protection, but let’s be honest lies are never for the other person’s protection. We are protecting ourselves from facing the truth. I don’t like walks on the beach or strolling slowly under the stars while some metaphoric soundtrack plays in my head. I don’t want someone to ask my father before the proposed to me and I certainly don’t want the white picket fence ideal.

What I want is to eat PB&J sandwiches at midnight and cold spaghetti & meatballs for breakfast.

I want to fidget around all day long procrastinate until 11 PM and then get everything on my to-do list done by 1 AM. I want to lay in bed with someone I care about and then get a grand idea rushing to god knows where just to turn around with that person holding my car keys, paper, and some pencils that I probably though I lost (I’m still clumsy even in fantasy land, I really like that about myself) so we can go capture the clouds as they drift upstate. I want that person running to catch up and have no idea where my plan will take us but trusts me so completely they just go along, to love me so much to see the worldly wonder in my eyes.

I want to dance on the soil of every country in the world to music so amazing it makes the grumpiest old man crack a smile. The feeling of freedom to spin in circles until the world starts spinning with me.

I want to close my eyes for a moment and realize I’m 85 years old and that I’ve had the grandest adventure throughout my life. From laughing with my little sister over silly last minute photo shoots to my brothers first home run ball in the big leagues (even if the big leagues only end up being family games every summer). I want to see my older brother one day marry the women of his dreams and maybe even catch the flowers. I want to see both of my little brothers who seem to think they are a step out of sync with the rest of the world make everyone else walk at their pace.  I want to see myself in all their eyes because man if I could look at myself they way they look at me maybe I wouldn’t feel so scared of everything.

But most of all, to look through old photo albums and laugh at the memories from growing up, and I don’t mean until college is over. You never really stop growing up do you? But like they say I’m only 18 what do I know what I want.

So that’s it my lovelies no long walks on the beach or shining princes with stone castles, what do you want… really?


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Warm Cookies

November 11th, 2014

Creating Expectations

(Authors note: I work at a music hall. The people I work closely with include; security, management, sound engineers, bartenders, and wait staff)

The other day I made some cookies and brought them into work. Everyone was very sweet and really enjoyed the effort I put into the cookies… or so I thought. The next day when I went into work I was asked by three different people if I had brought more cookies with me and jokes where made about people wanting me for my cookies.
Please keep in mind I am not hurt by this, quite the contrary this made me think a lot about human nature, creating expectations and mental processing. After one in counter with me giving my coworkers food it created this Pavlov like salivating reaction.
This might be from the long hours we work due to the field I am in (I work in a concert hall) or due to the fact that a lot of us working are 18-35 and home made cookies are at some what of a premium.
No matter what the reason for the reaction I got, I learned that if you bring cookies to a bunch of hungry, sweets loving music enthusiasts they will love you forever (or at least the rest of the day)

Stay cute yall
~Ana (:

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Not So Great First Day

Hello lovelies! ❤

Today was my very first day of college *cheers* wait no not so much for the cheering, hold the cheering. I found out that the math class I am in will not transfer when I switch schools next fall. When I went to sign up for classes I was told specifically that the credits would in fact transfer but as soon as I read the syllabus I learned this was not in fact the case. I spoke to my professor after class and she verified that the credits would not be transferring as a math credit. I will be able to use this class for credit except it will be transferring as an elective. If only I had gotten those ten extra points on the SATs! Uhh don’t take advise from old crabby soon to retire admissions councilors ladies and gents.

On a better note I had lunch by this amazing river and I bought myself some chewy chocolate chip cookies and salt&vinegar chips to feel better. Yummm comfort food. Now you can go back to cheering!

I hope you all had better luck on your first few days of class! I have higher hopes for tomorrow! (I also have to go to the library to get my student ID… i keep forgetting/being to lazy to go…)